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  • Acceptable colors are navy, charcoal, light gray, and brown or beige. 
  • Fabric should be 100% wool and should be conservative, not flashy. 
  • The darker the suit, the more authority it carries. Solid colors and pin stripes are acceptable, so long as the stripes are thin and narrow.


  •  Rule #1: Always wear a long sleeved shirt 
  •  Rule #2: Always wear a white or pale blue shirt (conveys honesty, stability)
  •  Rule #3: No monograms
  •  Rule #4: Always make sure the shirt is starched. 


  • A cheap looking tie can ruin an expensive suit. 
  • The right tie should be pure silk. 
  • The knot should be small, the length to the belt, the width no more than 2 ¾ to 3 ½".
  • Do not wear polka dots, animal pictures or symbols such as golf clubs. No bow ties.


  • Black or brown leather. No lace wing tips but you can wear slip-ons with out a tassel.


  • Should complement the suit. 
  • Wear dark colors and make sure they are long enough so you do not bare shins when crossing legs. 
  • Do not cross legs during an interview even if your interviewer does.


  • A simple watch and wedding band(if married) will do. No chains, earrings, nose-rings, pins, etc.



  • Wear only dark tailored suites or skirt suites, conservative cut and length to the knee (never longer)
  • Wool or non crinkle fabric. Synthetics tend to retain odor even after dry cleaning. 
  • No reds or purples. Wool gabardine is most popular. 
  • Pant suits are okay in today’s business environment, but be careful of trendy styles.


  • Solid colors, long sleeves, with collar buttoned. 
  • Be careful of fads and new styles. You never know how traditional the person interviewing you will be.
  • If you are unsure; change.


  • A good light scarf conservatively draped is acceptable.


  • Leather pumps or laced oxfords with heels in dark colors. No reds, or light colors.


  • Natural skin tones or black is acceptable.


  • A briefcase, or handbag is acceptable. Not both. 
  • Transfer essentials or makeup to a clutch which fits inside your briefcase.


  • Conservative and the width of the waistband.


  • Wear only a tailored conservative pant/suit.


  • Less and small is more. Nothing too dangly.


  • Professional and less to complement the colors of clothes.



  • Do not wear any cologne or fragrance. Your interviewer may be allergic and this is the best way to cut the interview short. 
  • If you smoke, do not do so before an interview.

Fit & Feel

  • You want to be comfortable, so try sitting in a chair in front of a mirror to double-check lengths, blouse buttons, etc.  Make sure nothing is too tight or rides up on you.
  • If you are in question about your outfit...change.

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