For Faculty

Career Services partners with OC faculty in all areas of study helping students succeed both during school and after graduation. There are numerous ways in which faculty and Career Services can work together to help students prepare for their future.

  • Working together to develop cooperative education/internship opportunities for students and alumni. 
  • Assisting students in exploring career options for their chosen major by giving them the necessary resources and information needed to make this important decision.
  • Conducting career-related in-class presentations, at the professor's request.
  • Networking with local professionals to create an array of potential employers and professional contacts for students to utilize upon graduation.

We also appreciate the relationships that faculty have with professionals in all areas of the workforce and look forward to working with you in connecting our students to these potential employers.

If you are aware of any employment opportunities or internships, you may forward them to and we can share them w/ the campus community through our daily job announcements or post them to our online job board (whichever you prefer).