How to Recruit Oklahoma Christian Students and Graduates

There are several different ways to recruit OC's talented students and graduates. You choose the one that best fits your employment needs.

  • On-Campus Interview Days
    • These are designed to bring the employer to the students. Your organization will receive resumes prior to the interview day to enable you to screen and select potential candidates to interview. Then, a private conference room will be made available for you to interview and meet with students for your selection process. Everything is scheduled and handled by us and is by far the easiest approach for you.
  • Lunch-N-Learn
    • This option is designed to help your organization to be recognized by our students. Your organization makes a presentation to acquaint them with your organization while students enjoy a free lunch. 
  • Posting a position to our online job board
    • Your organization can post positions to our Career Services website for current students and alumni to view 24 hours a day. You can list multiple positions, and it is all free!
  • Booth set up in our Gaylord University Center
    • Setting up a booth in the Student Services area is a sure way to be recognized. When your organization has more than a few positions to fill, this is a great approach to recruiting. The Gaylord University Center is a central hub of activity.
  • Flyers posted around campus
    • There is also the option of posting your organization's flyers around our campus for additional exposure. This works great with well-known organizations.