Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Campus Police Office?

We are located on Benson Road (next to Jimmy Johns) in Heritage Village, Suite 133.

Where Do I Register?

You can register online now through the first week of the fall semester.  You can use online registration again during Christmas break through the first week of the spring semester.

If I Register Online, Where Do I Pick Up My Sticker?

You will receive an email during the first or second week of classes to pick up your sticker at the mailroom window.  Please bring your ID. 

Where Do I Put My Sticker?

The sticker needs to be permanently placed in the front lower windshield on the driver’s side.

Which Sticker Do I Get?

Blue stickers are for those with freshman/sophomore hours.  It is your responsibility to get your sticker changed when you have 60 hours.

Maroon stickers are for those with junior/senior hours.

Graduate/MBA programs use a maroon sticker with GRAD, and the year they began, posted on it.

What if I am borrowing or renting a car for a short time?

If you have your car in the shop or are borrowing a car for more than two days, you need to come to the office and get a temporary parking pass.

What if I am visiting the campus or have a friend visiting?

If a visitor is going to be on campus more than two days, they need to come to the office and get a temporary parking pass.

Do I Need To Get A New Sticker Every Year?

You will still NEED TO REGISTER YOUR VEHICLE EVERY YEAR.  On your web page you may register with the following link,

You may not need a new sticker UNLESS:

  • you are now a graduate student
  • you become a junior/senior (60 hours or more) and still have a blue sticker
  • get a different or new vehicle
  • get a new windshield

What If I Change From A Sophomore To Junior After Fall Semester?

If you have over 60 hours, and the directory says you are junior when the spring semester begins, you may come and get a new maroon sticker. If you choose not to get a new one until the next year, you still have to follow rules for the blue sticker (freshman/sophomore).

What If I Get A New Or Different Car, Or Need A New Windshield?

Stop by the office whenever that happens and fill out a new form and receive a new sticker. Old stickers cannot be reused.  If you have a temporary plate, you will get a temporary parking pass.

Where Can I Park If I Am A Freshman Or Sophomore? (With A Blue Sticker)

You are required to park at the dorms, or apartments, or the west side of Gaylord University Center until 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm, you can park in any legal parking spot on campus. You need to have your car moved before 7:00 am.

Where Do I Park If I Commute, And I Am A Freshman Or Sophomore? (Blue Sticker)

You may park:

  • in the large parking lot directly south of Hardeman Auditorium and west of Enterprise Square
  • west of Gaylord University Center
  • in the small triangle lot closest to the north gate

Where Can I Park If I Am A Junior Or Senior? (With A Maroon Sticker)

ALL yellow lined parking spaces. Any white lines are for faculty/staff. After 5:00 pm, students may park in any legal parking spot.

Can I Park In The Visitor Or Reserved Parking If I Am Just Going To Be A Few Minutes?

No students are allowed to park in visitor parking, unless it is after 5:00 pm. If the reserved parking is for HD or RAs, it is not allowed at any time.

Can I Park On The Grass During Games Or Events?

No parking is allowed on the grass at any time. Tickets are issued for those not obeying the rule.