Faculty Biographies

Gail Nash

Gail Nash Title: Assistant Professor of English
Email: gail.nash@oc.edu
Hometown: Earlsboro, OK
Degree: Oklahoma Christian University - B.A. English (TEFL); Oklahoma State University - M.A. English (Technical Writing); Oklahoma State University - Ph.D. English (TEFL and Composition/Rhetoric)

"I work at OC because I believe in OC's mission, and I believe in the ministry potential of the TEFT major." Gail Nash is involved in the Oklahoma City Literacy Coalition--ESL Literacy. It is a community ESL project administered through the writing center. Additionally, as Writing Center Director, she takes her staff and volunteers on-site to a local high school where they offer writing center services to a high school English class during the classes' research essay assignment. She likes language and can "play around" in German, Spanish and Portuguese. Her academic interests include the study of feedback on student writing, writing center pedagogy, and second language writing. Nash has two publications: "Conference Simulation: Taking ENGL 2113 to a Conference" in Simulation and Gaming. Her other publication is "Politeness Theory in the Writing Center: Analysis of the Tutor-Student Interactions" in Writing Lab Newsletter. She is involved in two international associations: TESOL and IWCA as well as the regional associations: OKTESOL and SCWCA. She is married to Daryl Nash and has two children: Morgan and Samuel. She is a Bible class teacher, she is on the mission committee, and she is a VBS assistant at the Britton Road Church of Christ. She says, "My best OC memory is from my senior year when a fellow TEFL major and I sneaked out after curfew to put shaving cream on our advisor's car."