TeamOC Employee Fitness Challenge

Registration for Fall 2018 will open August.

The Fitness Challenge will start on September 3rd, 2018.

Registration for Fall 2018 will open in August

Please email TheDub@OC.EDU if you are interested in joining Fitness Challenge after registration closed.

There is no fee for OC Employees to participate in the Fitness Challenge. An OC Employees' 'non-OC employee' spouse, child (16+) or a friend can join you for a fee of $20.


Rewards go to:

  1. Each person who Completes the Spring '18 Fitness Challenge
  2. The Overall Top 3
  3. The Top 3 in each requirement
  4. The Quarterly Leaders in each requirement
  5. And More...


Results are due by the following Tuesday 5AM to be eligible for weekly/quarterly rewards. Submissions after this deadline will still count toward the final totals at the end of the Challenge.

Submit your weekly results here:

Week 1 (TBD)Click to Submit your week 1 results

Week 2 (TBD)Click to Submit your week 2 results

Week 3 (TBD)Click to submit your week 3 results

Week 4 (TBD)Click to submit your week 4 results

Week 5 (TBD)Click to submit your week 5 results

Week 6 (TBD8)Click to submit your week 6 results

  • Weeks 4-6 results due by 5AM Tuesday ?to be eligible for quarterly rewards.
  • 2nd Quarter Leaderboard available here soon

Week 7 (TBD)Click to submit your week 7 results

Week 8 (TBD)Click to submit your week 8 results

Week 9 (TBD)Click to submit your week 9 results

  • Weeks 7-9 results due by 5AM Tuesday ? to be eligible for quarterly rewards.
  • 3rd Quarter Leaderboard available here soon

Week 10 (TBD)Click to submit your week 10 results

Week 11 (TBD)Click to submit your week 11 results

Week 12 (TBD)Click to submit your week 12 results

Week 13 BONUS (TBD)Click to submit your BONUS week 13 results

  • ALL results must be finalized by 5AM Tuesday ? to be eligible for rewards.
  • Final Leaderboard now available
    • Rewards to the top 3 in each area.
  • Completion Board now available
    • Rewards for completion of each area
  • Overall Top 3 and Top 3 in each requirement available here on soon

Finale come-and-go Reception time and location to be announced.