Team OC Class Descriptions

Weightlifting - coming in Spring 2019

In this 45 minute Introduction to Weightlifting class, we will learn the benefits of lifting for all ages, proper technique, and standard lifting using the machines, free weight and learning body weight exercises. In these small classes you will get to learn and develop a comfortable routine of weightlifting, and gain an ease of using the gym. 

Registration is not yet open. Classes that make will start week of 01/14.

Body & Soul: Cardio

Get your heart pumping and get around 6000 steps in just 45 minutes.

Body & Soul: Strength and Flexibility

Improve your overall body strength using hand held weights and improve your flexibility using Pilates.

Body & Soul: CSFIT

Cardio Strength Fitness Interval Training (CSFIT) is Interval training that combines strength, working the major muscle groups, and cardio to get your heart pumping.

Boot Camp

Mixes traditional calisthenic and body-weight exercises with interval training and cardio training for a great full-body workout.


An interdisciplinary self-defense class for domestic and street situations.  No belts and no experience necessary.  Builds self-confidence, provides real-world functional defensive measures (physical, mental and verbal) and teaches situational awareness in a fun way.  This class will also help you assess your physical fitness right where you’re at and will incorporate the arts of boxing, striking, grappling, hand grabs, choke-holds, massage, pressure points, head & core, breathing, relaxing, etc.


High Intensity Interval Training. Blasts calories and fat up to 24 hours after the workout. Boosts your metabolism and builds lean muscle while burning fat. Workouts will change each time you come to class. Overall a great way to get in shape and most of all have fun.


Put on your boxing gloves and come enjoy a full body workout. In this class we will use a boxing bag while we use basic boxing and MMA moves to strengthen our arms, legs, and core while getting a great cardio burn!

This class is by registration only. Click here for Spring '19 Registration.

The $25 semesterly fee for these classes goes toward the cost of wrist wraps and gloves that participants get to keep.

If you have your own gloves and wraps you may register at the BYO price of $15.
You will be required to bring your gloves and wraps to every class otherwise you will not be able to participate fully.

Power Yoga

Yoga combined with body-weight strength training. Builds strong balanced muscles, as well as a strong core.

Stretch and Soothe

Focused on releasing tension in the body by targeting key areas where we hold stress. By first warming up the muscles, then stretching and strengthening them, it pushes soreness and aches out and allows a more relaxed, stress-free feeling to take over the body.


A true mind, body and soul exercise. Also incorporates devotional time.