Reasons you should participate with TeamOC

Why should you participate with TeamOC in the OKC Memorial Marathon?


  • Our registration fee is the same as the official OKC Marathon site, but there is no additional cost to register with TeamOC.  Faculty, staff and students (Immediate family members included) will receive a discount towards their registration fees.
  • Everyone who registers with TeamOC will receive a free running shirt in your choice of short-sleeve, long-sleeve, or tank to wear on race day.
  • All participants and family members will enjoy a free pasta lunch on OC’s campus the day before the race.
  • You get to pick up your race day packet on OC’s campus the day before the race.  No need to go to the expo to pick it up because we do that for you.  Just swing by before the pasta lunch.
  • You will have hundreds of other TeamOC participants cheering you on and supporting you during the race.

We would love to have you as a part of our Team!