'Walk With Honduras' hits Eagle Trail

'Walk With Honduras' hits Eagle Trail

The seventh-annual Walk With Honduras will be held this Sunday on the Eagle Trail at Oklahoma Christian University.

New features of the walk, benefitting the Predisan medical mission in Catacamas, Honduras, include a 6 p.m. start time, commemorative flip flops and “prayer stations” that share the stories of patients.

The event also features a name change, switching “Walk For Honduras” to “Walk With Honduras.”

“It’s a subtle change of a preposition, but the meaning reflects that we are not just giving money to a great cause, but we are partnering with a ministry to make a difference in the lives of Hondurans who don’t enjoy the same advantages as we do,” event coordinator Mike Osburn said.

The one-mile walk will feature six stations (known as “puestos” in Honduras), where participants will stop to read stories that represent the lives of those who will benefit from the fundraiser.

One story features “Silvia,” a 13-year-old Honduran girl who walks a three-mile round trip to fetch water from a creek that is polluted.

Many OC students, members from several local churches and other friends of Predisan will participate in the walk to raise money for the non-profit organization.

“It is beautiful to see the commitment and compassion so many folks have for Predisan,” Osburn said. “It is a medical ministry in a mountain community another continent away, but we are still neighbors. And in Oklahoma, our world gets bigger when we can walk a mile in their shoes.”

The walk is getting some publicity help this year from a new event planning class at Oklahoma Christian.

“What better way to learn about event planning than to get in there and help with one, especially an event that helps others,” instructor Dawn Shelton said. “The students have jumped right in with super ideas for promotion. They are blitzing social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Vine - and are telling their friends and professors to join us. We will also be in on the not-so-glamorous work of meetings that includes seeing to details, some heavy-lifting of décor and equipment and clean up.” 

Registration for the Walk With Honduras is online at predisan.org.