OC students represent at Model Arab League

Dr. Raymon Huston, associate professor of Political Science at Oklahoma Christian University, reports: 

We had a very good showing at the Model Arab League competition this year.  Two of our students, Ashley Weber and Brittany Mounce, received awards for Outstanding Delegates and two others, Mike Patton and Dan McCormack, received Honorable Mention awards.  I am very proud of the way they participated and their actions at the conference and off campus.  Many of the faculty commented to me how well the students were doing and how confidently they presented themselves.

Thank you for allowing us to go and supporting our efforts.  I feel that it is important for the students to get a feel of how others outside America think.  This competition forces the students to research and discuss topics based on the views of Arabs.  We represented the country of Iraq this year.

If you see these students, be sure to congratulate them and their professors.