OC family impacted by tornadoes

OC family impacted by tornadoes

Many Oklahoma Christian University alumni, students, faculty and staff members were impacted in various ways by the devastating Oklahoma tornadoes on May 19-20.

Two of the 24 victims who lost their lives in the EF5 tornado that hit Newcastle, Moore, and south Oklahoma City were related to OC alumni.

Nine-year-old Christopher Legg, a third-grader at Plaza Towers Elementary School, was the son of OC alumnus Ross Legg, grandson of OC grad Mark Legg, and the cousin of another OC alumnus, Brian Trumbly. The Leggs also lost their home. Brian set up a memorial fund for the Legg family. Click here to help financially.

Randy Smith, 39, was the brother of OC alumnus Brandon Smith, nephew of 1973 OC alumnus, David Hobbs and cousin of OC alum Micah Hobbs. Randy's son, Dylan Beard and Dylan's mother Katlin also lost their home in the tornado.

The following members of the OC family had houses that were a total loss:

  • Ryan Frampton, OC alumnus - Lost his home; has a baby on the way.
  • Jason Leger, OC alumnus and adjunct art instructor - Lost his home; you may have seen his story on several media outlets (see video below).
  • Kristin Wallace, OC student - Parents lost their home.
  • Brad Wedel, OC alumnus - Parents lost their home.

 Others impacted include:

  • Tim and Karen Driskill, OC alumni; Karen is the registration coordinator in the Registrar’s Office - Lost their barn and had some roof and fence damage in Sunday’s tornado; temporarily without electricity.
  • Murray Evans, OC alumnus and assistant athletic director for media relations - Separated all of Monday from wife and daughter; family reunited and safe. 9-year-old son lost close friend at Plaza Towers Elementary; temporarily without electricity.
  • Robert and Charisa Goodrick, OC alumni - Roof and fence damage; temporarily without electricity.
  • Josh Hilburn, husband of OC alumna Halie Hilburn - Electrocuted while building power lines in Shawnee on May 22; he suffered third-degree burns and is now recovering at home after more than a month in the hospital.
  • Kevin Hixson, OC alumnus - Teacher at Briarwood Elementary; helped protect students from the tornado; was at the ER until late Monday.
  • Cindy Lowe, OC alumna - Teacher at Briarwood Elementary; lost everything in her 1st grade classroom; sheltered students in her class. If you would like to contribute to a fund to help replace Cindy's classroom materials, email chris.adair@oc.edu.
  • Victoria (Masten) Manning - Displaced due to house damage.
  • Rhonda Morris, Associate Professor of Education - Home wasn’t damaged; temporarily without electricity.
  • Karie and Aaron Richardson, OC alumni - Lost their barn and had some house damage in Sunday’s tornado.
  • Kyle and Sam (Reed) Schasteen, OC alumni - Home slightly damaged.
  • Jennifer Simonds, OC alumna - Teacher at Plaza Towers Elementary; went to ER after getting hurt laying over students to protect them. Money and gift cards from Mardel, Lakeshore Learning Center, Target and Wal-Mart are being collected to help Jennifer replace her classroom materials. For more info, email chris.adair@oc.edu.
  • Jason and Sarah Thomason, OC alumni - Home wasn’t damaged; temporarily without electricity.
  • John and Rebecca Reddish, OC alumni - Displaced after their home was damaged.
  • Debbie Gardner, wife of OC alum Glenn Gardner - Car destroyed after taking shelter inside Moore Medical Center.
  • Rosie Posey, works on the janitorial staff at OC- had some damage to her home.

In addition to those listed, the tragedy hit close to home for many more who found shelter from the storms, but who now face the loss of friends and co-workers, and who now cope with the aftermath of such a traumatic event. Keep all of those affected in your prayers.

Contact jana.miller@oc.edu with updates, and please do what you can to help those affected by the tornadoes. In addition to the relief efforts mentioned above, you can click here for a sampling of congregations and organizations providing assistance.