OC Academic Highlights - September 10, 2012

Recent Oklahoma Christian University student and faculty academic achievements:

OC is addressing the issues in education:

Dr. Darin Martin, of our School of Education, presented at an international conference this past summer addressing bullying in teacher education.

Dr. Robyn Miller, Chair of Education, was named Editorial Reviewer for the Global Education Review.

Dr. Rhonda Morris co-authored and published with her students “Moving Reading into the Digital Age” in The Oklahoma Reader and Journal of Open Education Research.

OC is engineering a better world:

Dr. Al Mikell and Dr. Byron Newberry are working with students to continue efforts to improve low-cost water filtration methods for use in developing countries, with current focus in the Philippines.

Dr. Newberry led our second engineering emphasis section in the Summer Honors Academy, focusing on rocketry using water propelled low-cost rockets. Approximately 30 students competed in the project.

OC is connecting with business:

Dr. Kerianne Roper is working with the Oklahoma City Thunder to create student internships for conducting market research during the 2012-13 basketball season.

Dr. Burt Smith was named the Oklahoma National Speaker Association member of the year and recertified as an American Society for Quality Certified Quality Manager (CQM).

OC is global:

OC was selected as a host institution for the prestigious Brazil Science Without Borders program. We received eight junior/senior engineering and technology students this year for one year of study. Scholarships are given by the Brazilian government primarily to students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Students in the program will return to Brazil to complete their degrees. This program is part of the Brazilian government's larger initiative to grant 100,000 scholarships for the best students from Brazil to study abroad at the world’s best universities. 

Our MBA Learning Support Center (LSC) opened in Kigali, Rwanda, with 27 students enrolled in OC’s online program this fall. OC’s LSC is staffed by OC MBA graduate Jean Rindiro. 

OC’s international student graduates are making the grade:

Nathalie Kaligirwa is designing next-generation educational software to transform learning in developing nations at NextThought.com.

Dina Imbabazi graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a master's degree in engineering and entrepreneurship. She now works for IBM in New York City.

Emmanuel Muzungu is completing an internship with NASA in Washington, D.C., and has been accepted for graduate work at Georgetown University.