Marketing students win national award

A note from Kerianne Roper, Professor of Business:


The OC chapter of the American Marketing Association just joined more than 1,200 students and more than 140 schools for competition at the Annual AMA Collegiate Conference held in New Orleans this past weekend.

In order to even be recognized as a chapter, the AMA requires all chapters to write a chapter plan and an annual report and submit these documents to AMA headquarters each fall and spring, respectively. However, because our students attended the conference, we then became eligible to enter our annual report in the competition at the conference.

There were functional awards given for each main category of the report, as well as awards for the overall report. Our chapter was recognized for excellence in the category of membership. We began the year with 12 members, and our goal was to try to double our membership. At last count, we were at 38 members!

You should know that neither myself nor Dr. Smith wrote any parts of the plan – in fact, I only reviewed the final document and submitted it. The officers are the ones to credit for an excellent report as well as for our increase in membership.

I hope that you will give them your attention and appreciation for this mark of excellence in our first year as a fully-functioning chapter of the AMA at OC. I have listed them below.
Tyler Cope – President
Melissa Mulkey – Executive Vice President
Courtney Britt – VP of Communication/Promotion
Courtney Bowles – VP of Membership
Reid Agan – VP of Programs
James Moody – VP of Finance
Nic George – Webmaster
Also contributing to our success, Emily Williams – VP of Programs 2008, and Aubrey Coble – Webmaster 2008, both are December 2008 graduates.


Many congratulations to these students and their faculty sponsors!