Brass Ring Award recipients

imageFriday, March 28, Oklahoma Christian University hosted the Brass Ring Awards in Judd Theater.  Approximately 300 people attended the presentation, including out of state participants. 

The Brass Ring Awards began in 1985 with 85 entries from 7 universities.  2008 proved to be the 2nd largest show in its 23 year history.  A total of 22 universities and 17 high schools from 18 states for a total of 949 entries participated. 

The Brass Ring Awards were created to give students a chance to compare their work with their peers’ and to have their work assessed by professionals. 

Oklahoma Christian University student winners include:

Awards of Merit: Jacob Weaver, Michael King, Kelsey Fallesen, Jay Bramhall, Elizabeth Pitts, Joshua Hatfield, Emily Thompson, Scott Hill

3rd place:  Stuart Yeakley, Scott Hill, Jessica Beethe, Whitney Parker,  Kelsey Fallesen, Dylan Conklin

2nd place: Josh Burgin, Terra Tuerck, Marc Hobelman, Dylan Conklin

1st place: Sarah Baker, Josh Burgin, Marc Hobelman, Renee Lanpher, Jessica Beethe, Philana Phillips

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