Thrive Worldwide: In Progress Pics of Das Millicanhaus

Thrive Worldwide: In Progress Pics of Das Millicanhaus
Posted more than a year ago.

Grünentorgasse 30, 1090 Wien, Austria

If you’ve ever heard me tell the OC story, you’ve probably heard me say something like “OC is so much bigger than these 200 acres and the 2,500 some odd people who walk them each day.” I’ve said this phrase so many times now that I think the students closest to me are about to rise up and shout, “WE GET IT!” (At least I hope they are.)

But it’s a phrase that needs to be said. Our vision of Oklahoma Christian can be far too small—relegated to a finite geographic space, a couple hundred recognizable faces, and a brief four-to-five-to-seven-year window. We put OC in a box. And, for some of us, this season-specific, location-specific thinking makes the OC experience little more than a delightful memory that we can no longer grasp…so we leave that box behind, gathering dust in life’s proverbial closet.

I don’t like boxes.

Which is why the address above makes me so happy. The site of our easternmost OC facility, Das Millicanhaus, is a concrete reminder that our university family—and the amazing work they (you) do—is worldwide.

Hundreds of OC students explore the culture and history of Europe from the heart of Vienna’s ninth district, just minutes away from the French Embassy, the Freud Museum, the Lichtenstein Museum and Park, the Museum of Modern Art, the Franz Joseph Train Station, the Danube Canal, and more. And this permanent base of operations is their launch point for adventures and mission efforts throughout Europe. It’s just a beautifully uncommon kind of place.

And thanks to you and to Thrive, Das Millicanhaus is becoming even more special, as needed upgrades and renovations are in full swing this summer under the direction of OC’s interior design guru, Amy Beauchamp. You can see some of her construction pics below.

Watch for more as renovations continue. And, in the meantime, get that box out of your closet. Let this big, 64-year, twenty-thousand-person-plus, worldwide-adventure-having-people-serving OC family stretch and breathe in your life. (I think you’ll like it.)


PS – Did you know you can stay in Das Millicanhaus? And it’s only about $60 a night. No, I’m not joking. Check it out.

Das Millicanhaus Construction 2

Das Millicanhaus Construction 3

Das Millicanhaus Construction 4

Das Millicanhaus Construction 5

Das Millicanhaus Construction 6