The Hero of Thrive

Posted more than a year ago.

We’ve spent a lot of time in Thrive talking about ourselves. Our ambition. Our dreams. Our method.

But we’re not the heroes of this story.

Thirty-six months ago our unsuspecting protagonist had never heard of Thrive, had never set a progress bar in motion, and had rarely dared to place an exclamation mark where an ‘i’ should be.

Our hero had other demands to meet, people to love, dreams to chase, and moments to live. Our hero was stretched thin on time and resources and energy. Thrive was not at the center of our hero’s world... and never would be.

And, yet, when we sought to remake an auditorium in honor of a legendary teacher, our hero acted.

Cail Ribbon
Call Auditorium, Completed September 2014

When we looked to take spiritual life to new depths, our hero prayed.

ETHOS: Spiritual Life Transformed, Completed April 2017

When we wanted to break the box on gaming and animation, our hero imagined.

Gaming and Animation
Advanced Visualization Labs, One Complete, Two Under Construction

When we told stories of the loved ones we’d lost, our hero remembered.

Hartman Place
Hartman Place, Completed April 2016

When we set out for the perfect brew, our hero ground some beans.

The Brew
The Brew, Completed April 2017

When we decided to get fit, our hero flexed.

The Dub
The Dub: Fitness Center, Completed September 2015

When we wanted Wall Street right here, our hero invested.

Finance Lab
Citizens Bank Finance Lab, Under Construction

When our healers needed a home, our hero made room. 

Donna & Frank Eckhart Nursing Classroom, Completed August 2016

When we craved the best eats around, our hero got hungry.

Chick-Fil-A Big
OC's Chick-Fil-A Express, Completed January 2017
Alfredos Opening
Alfredo's Express, Completed February 2017
Serving Area
The New Dining Hall: Serving Area (Coming 2018-2019)
Dining Area
The New Dining Hall: Community Area (Coming 2018-2019)
The New Dining Hall: Exterior (Coming 2018-2019)

When we dreamed of three new colleges... when we eyed going worldwide (Das Millicanhaus)... when we got strategic (Strategic Planning Fund)... when we worked to keep the cost of tuition down (General Scholarships)... and when we dabbled in 280 other little ambitions...

Our hero delivered. Every. Time.

Know my punchline?

Thrive isn’t the story of a fundraising team. Thrive is the story of 9,307 amazing people--with too much to do and too little time--making space in their lives and in their finances to dream someone else’s dream for a few thousand kids they’ll likely never meet.

Thrive is your story. We had the nerve to call the $30M conclusion of that story in 2014. We should have known you’d make our big vision seem small...

Thrive: By The Numbers

Thrive Overview 

It’s difficult to give worthy weight to what you’ve done here. New ideas will spark, careers will launch, families will begin, and Jesus will be encountered in the places and contexts you’ve built in the last three years. And the echoes of your work, loud and soft, will be dancing about this campus for generations.

You’ve encouraged us. You’ve equipped us. You’ve inspired us.

You are Thrive’s hero. Thank you.


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