Young OC alumnus thrills with novels and short stories

Jun 14, 2018

OC alumnus Luke Swanson is not yet 25, but he has already published multiple books. His latest work is a chapter for the “Carnival of Fear” anthology by Limitless Publishing. Swanson made a name for himself even before graduation when he published his first book as a junior. He continued to hone his craft while at OC and after graduating with an English degree in 2016.

Swanson’s latest work, titled “Olympia in Whipple,” is about a traveling circus of murderous performers committing homicides nationwide.  

Swanson said he enjoys reading mysteries and thrillers. However, he doesn't appreciate gore and jump scares, so he tries to write from a different, lighter perspective. This inspired him to write the novel that launched his career, “The Ten.” That book was about a policeman pursuing a murderer who chose victims based on breaking the Ten Commandments.

The buzz “The Ten” produced helped propel Swanson’s career forward, allowing him to become the youngest featured author in the “Carnival of Fear.”

Swanson said he owes a lot of his personal development as a writer to the students and professors he surrounded himself with during his time at OC.

“You can’t learn writing or storytelling in a bubble; you need to bounce ideas off of people,” he said. “You have to learn from those who are way better than you. Surround yourself with really smart professors and students who can give you good feedback, and do the same for them.”

Along with his novel “The Ten” and his chapter in “Carnival of Fear,” Swanson has published two other stories in Limitless Publishing anthologies: “The Six-Foot Ladder” in 2016 and “Sacrifice” in 2017.