State Reps. Osburn and Sanders to speak at OC about the nation's debt crisis OC students invite the two as part of the national Up to Us campaign

Oct 24, 2018

A group of OC students want their peers to show elected officials in Washington that it is time to solve the nation’s federal debt crisis, which is now more than $20 trillion. One event the students organized is a presentation by Oklahoma state Reps. Mike Osburn and Mike Sanders; both are proud OC alumni. The two will speak at OC’s daily chapel Oct. 26 at 11 a.m. in Hardeman Auditorium.

For the next month, students across campus are highlighting the need to ask elected officials to find national debt solutions. Partnering with the national organization Up to Us, OC students holding public events to educate students and the community about the many ways in which the growing national debt will harm current and future generations. In addition, students are providing stations where voters can send a message directly to their elected officials in Washington.

“While our work is at the state level, we believe seeking a balanced budget should be a priority for all elected officials,” Osburn said. “This is especially important for people of faith who feel called to be responsible managers, and we’re excited to see ambitious students take action to solve problems they did not create.”

Up to Us is a nonpartisan organization in which students all over the nation are encouraged to take action against the national debt crisis. Funded by both Republican and Democratic groups, Up to Us encourages all voters to take a pledge asking elected officials to address the problem. Those pledges will be sent to each student’s legislators in Washington, and OC students are trying to make it as easy as possible for others to get involved in solving the debt crisis.

“We were shocked to learn that our national debt is at a staggering $20 trillion,” said OC student Haleigh Evans, from Sallisaw, Oklahoma, and event coordinator for the Up to Us OC team. “If things keep going the way they are, we will reach $33 trillion in debt in the next 10 years.”

Student team leader Christian Franklin, from Edmond, Oklahoma, believes the campaign will help more people realize that national debt is an urgent issue.

The ballooning national debt will have a profound impact on the next generation if we don’t take action,” Franklin said. “Every college student  is affected by this issue because of expected cuts in education and infrastructure funding for interest payments alone.”

OC students have already had a kick-off event this month, and after Friday’s presentation, students will next celebrate My Two Cents Day on Nov. 8. That event is a national day organized by Up to Us to register more voter pledges, which will be sent to each person’s elected officials according to zip code. OC students encourage all individuals to take the pledge at More information about OC’s campaign is available at