Oklahoma Christian Univ. Offers Online Bachelors of Nursing R.N.-to-B.S.N. degree in high demand

Joshua Watson|405-425-5138 | Jan 11, 2019

Oklahoma City — In an effort to help more registered nurses earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, Oklahoma Christian University is expanding its successful online R.N. to B.S.N. degree. With the addition of competency-based education, online learning modules linked to specific courses, students can now demonstrate proficiencies developed on the job and complete their degree in 8-12 months. OC’s expanded program was developed to meet the needs of hospitals that are increasingly requiring nurses to have baccalaureate degrees.

According to OC’s Associate Dean of Nursing, Jennifer Gray, one particular strength of the program is that each student is assigned his or her own faculty mentor and progression coach.

“Faculty mentors will help students assess their existing knowledge and skills,” Gray said. “This will allow the mentor and student to develop a targeted plan of relevant online modules to take, which are completed in four-month subscription periods.”

With a national shortage of nurses, OC’s program seeks to help bring more nurses to hospitals and clinics. In addition, nurses with a baccalaureate degree earn $8,300 more per year than those with an associate degree, according to PayScale.com. 

OC’s CBE program includes nine key nursing competencies for filling in the gap between the associate and baccalaureate levels of education: role expansion, communication, management, evidence-based practice, clinical practice, critical thinking, servant leadership, population health and professional roles.

To qualify for acceptance into the CBE program, an R.N. must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and at least two years of clinical experience in the nursing field. The program’s $4,000 tuition is split into payments over four months, during which the student may complete as many competencies as they desire. Ten $1,000 scholarships will be offered to students that enroll before Jan. 6, 2019. The requirements for finishing the competencies include the choice out of 40 sub-competencies, which result in a baccalaureate degree with 28 hours of nursing courses and three hours of Bible. OC believes no other program combines CBE and GPA, a requirement for students interested in graduate school.

...nurses with a baccalaureate degree earn $8,300 more per year than those with an associate degree, according to PayScale.com. https://www.payscale.com
OC’s program, which is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, accepts the transfer of college credits and offers a unique Christian approach. Students have the opportunity to participate in healing missions through partnerships with Predisan in Honduras and clinics in Oklahoma City for the uninsured.

“Students in our program will complement relevant nursing skills and knowledge with courses on servant learning and urban ministry,” Nursing Instructor and Program Director Rhea Ann Lee said. “So many hospitals come to us asking for skilled nurses with caring hearts. This program is yet another way we can meet the growing demand for servant-minded nurses.”

OC’s new CBE program uses a system called OnRole, which applies adaptive algorithms to discern students’ competency levels and establish a baseline. Developed by a company called OnSomble, students use OnRole to test out of skills and knowledge already learned on the job. For skills and knowledge that they have not learned, they will study innovative courses designed by OC faculty.

“This learning platform facilitates customized curriculum according to individual gaps in education, which allows the student to complete a degree more quickly, saving time and money,” said Jeff McCormack, dean of OC’s College of Natural and Health Sciences.

For more information about OC’s department of nursing, visit www.oc.edu/nursing.

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