OC Welcomes Spoken Gospel Summit with alum David Bowden Jan. 31 Guests include Mart Green, of Mardel and Hobby Lobby, and Bobby Gruenewald, founder of the YouVersion Bible app

Jan 31, 2019

According to world-renowned spoken-word performer David Bowden, Bible engagement is declining around the globe. As society plugs into technology and fills up its schedule with distractions, Christians find it more difficult to study the Word of God or understand and implement its truths. Bowden, an OC alumnus, aims to prioritize Christians’ thoughts on Scripture with his ministry and brings the Spoken Gospel Summit to OC’s campus on Jan. 31.

The Summit, organized by Bowden’s Spoken Gospel ministry, will address the issue of Bible engagement in today’s world. The program will feature presentations, videos and performances intended to explain what the Spoken Gospel ministry is doing to solve the problem.

Bowden uses spoken word poetry and film to develop videos covering each book of the Bible, explaining how the Gospel is woven into every aspect.

“It’s our goal to preach the Gospel from every corner of Scripture,” said Bowden. “The whole Bible is about Jesus. That’s how people can engage in their Bibles in a more transformative way.”

Special guests will include Mart Green, of Mardel and Hobby Lobby, Bobby Gruenewald, founder of the YouVersion Bible app and Sam Storms, lead pastor of Bridgeway Church.

The Spoken Gospel Summit will be held in OC’s Gaylord University Center at OC on Jan. 31 from 6-8:30 p.m. Admission is free but tickets must be reserved here.

To learn more about Bowden and the Spoken Gospel, watch his video below from his YouTube channel. He was also honored by OC as an accomplished young alumnus in 2017.