OC students invite the community to worship and serve at The Gathering

Apr 13, 2018

For the last two years, Oklahoma Christian University has hosted The Gathering, an event that encourages service and fellowship among students on and off campus. Students at OC unite to worship with each other and encourage those in the community. This year, from April 13-14, the Edmond community was invited to attend The Gathering on the OC campus.

The Gathering uses OC as the center for Christian, young-adult ministries across the state. The event crosses university, denominational, geographic and doctrinal lines in an attempt to reflect the unity that is the core of  Christian faith shared by the diverse populace.

Students from social clubs assisted in the efforts to ensure the success of the event by working together to provide materials needed and extra bodies to help set up.

Junior music major Jack Smith, the founder of The Gathering, shed light on what The Gathering aims to accomplish.

“This community we are a part of is bigger than ourselves, and it works as the body of Christ to give a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven,” Smith said. “The goal [of the Gathering] is to reach as many young adults as possible to emphasize the positive attitude of the gospel despite the negative society we live in.”

The Gathering’s mission is to engage with others in fellowship within the community. Organizers welcomed anyone from the surrounding area to come together for a meal and worship service Friday night. Saturday morning, all were invited to create care packages for local military personnel. The service project was held in the student center on OC’s campus.