OC students challenged in “One Act of Faith” play and film festival

Apr 14, 2018

“One Act of Faith” is a compilation of one-act plays and films acts directed and acted by Oklahoma Christian University students benefiting the nonprofit organization With Purpose. The festival will celebrate faith through storytelling in different forms April 13.

“One Act of Faith” gives students the opportunity to showcase a wide range of talent while raising support for a good cause. The plays and films can be serious or funny, about successes or failures, but all stories must be original and based on events students were directly involved in.

Each play and video will have multiple students involved. The works will express students’ personal experiences in taking a leap of faith. All plays and films will be between five to 10 minutes in length.

Chara Watson, OC’s stage producer of “One Act of Faith,” says programs like this are important to have on campus because they encourage students to think from other people’s perspectives, developing empathy and other key life skills.

“Theater is an art form that can help people learn skills that they would not otherwise have,” Watson said. “There is a measure of empathy you [need] to be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes in that way. Storytelling can change the way your brain functions and allow you to think in more creative and innovative ways. By bringing arts into a learning environment, you can greatly enhance [students’] creativity and communication skills.”

Three of the one-act plays will also be shown as film versions. These three works were produced with Department of Communication Chair Larry Jurney’s Directing for the Stage and Camera class. Two other one-act plays were selected from submissions from other students. A local playwright, Rick Lippert, will offer feedback on those plays after they are produced.

Attendees are encouraged to pay what they can, which may be just one penny. All proceeds go directly to With Purpose. This organization advocates safe and effective treatments for pediatric cancer patients, giving them the hope of a bright future.

“One Act of Faith” begins at 7 p.m. in OC’s Judd Theater.