OC sets record with state’s first frozen yogurt robot OC has the first Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Robot in the state

Oct 08, 2018

Oklahoma Christian University has the first Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Robot in the state. The machine is located in the Student Center close to Alfredo's and Chick-fil-A. All you have to do is pick a flavor of yogurt along with the toppings and watch the machine make a delicious treat right in front of your eyes.

President of U-Dining Kurt Hermanson researched the frozen yogurt machine, wanting something new for the students. Reis and Irvy's quickly responded with interest, and they company wanted to put one in on OC’s campus as soon as possible.

In addition to being the first machine in Oklahoma, the students, faculty and staff successfully set the nationwide single-day sales record with 110 cups sold in one day. In September, OC just eclipsed the previous record of 108 cups, which was set earlier this year at the University of New Mexico.

Clearly, the yogurt robot has been a success with students in just a few weeks. Regular size cups are $3 and large cups are $4. Stop by the Student Center and enjoy a treat! Below is a video of an OC student's froyo being made. 

Reis & Irvy’s Froyo robots can dispense frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato and sorbet topped with a selection of six toppings in under 60 seconds. With self-checkout touch-screen ordering and payment options, video animation, music and frozen dessert provided by Dannon, robot vendors meet consumers’ demand for immediate convenience, entertainment and a quality product. To learn more, visit www.froyorobots.com

The Reis & Irvy's Froyo Robot In Action! from Reis & Irvy's on Vimeo.