OC's Ultimate Frisbee hosts first tryouts Jan. 26 The team will debut in Fall 2019

Jan 18, 2019

Oklahoma Christian University is adding Ultimate Frisbee to the list of club sports this year, and the team's first tryouts are this month. In the last 15 years, Ultimate Frisbee has been one of the fastest-growing team sports in the U.S. OC’s team will consist of about 30 students by Fall 2019, and athletes will compete against schools from all over the nation. Opponents could range from local teams like the University of Central Oklahoma to teams as far away as the University of Wisconsin.

Ultimate Frisbee Coach Gabriel Cabrera said OC’s team officially starts competing in the fall, but there is a possibility of a few games in the spring, depending on the team’s progress. He shared his enthusiasm for the sport to debut at OC.

“There are many reasons to be excited,” said Cabrera. “The main one is the expansion of the sport itself; there are a number of championship-caliber teams that are based out of the central U.S.”

Cabrera is a former college and professional player who helped start a team at Ohio Valley College before coming to OC. 

There are two rounds of tryouts. The first round is January 26 at 4 p.m., and the second round is April 6 at 4 p.m. They will be held in OC’s Barn, officially known as the Dave Smith Athletic Center. Participants are judged on skills like verified playing experience, catching percentage and throwing distance.

OC has a wide range of collegiate sports opportunities. Students can continue to pursue the sport they love with a wide range of scholarships. The addition of Ultimate Frisbee is a great opportunity for OC to be competitive in a growing sport and bring more students to campus.