OC remembers 9/11 OC’s Ralph and Maxine Harvey Field of Flags includes 168 U.S. and Oklahoma flags, which also honor victims of the Murrah Federal Building bombing.

Sep 11, 2018

Every Sept. 11, Oklahoma Christian University remembers the lives of terrorist victims in the U.S. with a field of flags by Memorial Road. OC’s Ralph and Maxine Harvey Field of Flags is named in honor of the couple who donated 168 U.S. and Oklahoma flags for OC’s bi-annual memorial. OC also sets out the flags every April 19; each flag represents the 168 victims of the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995.

OC has a long history of remembering 9/11 in conjunction with the Murrah attack. OC is the only site outside of New York City to have survivor trees from the Murrah Building and the World Trade Center side by side. Nearby those survivor trees, just west OC’s Mabee Learning Center library, there is a cross cut from steel from the North Tower that fell in New York City. As part of OC’s 9/11 remembrance, a New York state flag flies with the Oklahoma and U.S. flags on the pole at the south entrance of campus.

Every April, OC hosts a New York delegation that includes World Trade Center survivors, rescue workers, police officers and Ronaldo Vega, director of design and construction of the National September 11 Memorial. Brad Robison, president of 419 Outreach and OC’s former library director, organizes the visit. The 419 Outreach is a group of family members, survivors and responders of the Oklahoma City bombing

Last April, OC also hosted three policemen from Watertown, Massachusetts, near Boston; they are among the most decorated law enforcement officers in U.S. history for their work apprehending the Boston Marathon bombers in April 2013.

The public is welcome to remember 9/11 by visiting and photographing the flags at OC. The flags will be up through Sept. 13.