OC organizes Kerygma preaching conference April 2-3 Kerygma organized by OC's Office of Church Resources

Apr 03, 2018

OC's Office of Church Resources and Hope Network Ministries are hosting the Kerygma preaching conference April 2-3 at Memorial Road Church of Christ. 

The Greeks used the word kerygma to describe the content of a proclamation. Kerygma is a ministry event at OC that focuses on effectively proclaiming the Christian message. The conference consists of 10 presentations by experienced preachers. These presentations are based on concepts each deems as important to ministry.

OC’s Director of Church Resources and Vice President of HOPE network Grady King, who organized the event, expressed the importance of the Kerygma conference.

“It is the unravelling of the assumptions and institutions that have long held churches together,” said King. “The speakers will help us think about what it means to preach the gospel effectively and be formed by the gospel.”

The event will include a panel discussion made up of John Cannon, Jack English and Paul Shero titled "The Need for Friends in Ministry." Kerygma provides preachers with a community of people to foster networking and encouragement. The event allows new and old preachers to share their ideas.

Alameda Church of Christ’s Senior Minister Rusty Tugman praised the unique opportunity Kerygma brings to preachers.

“Kerygma will bless me profoundly,” said Tugman. “It brings a diverse group of preachers together in a spirit of unity to each other instead of competition against each other.”

This is the second year for the Kerygma preaching conference and it is expected to have an even larger attendance. This year’s speakers include Monte Cox, Jerry Taylor, Steve Cloer, Dwayne Case, Charles Rix, Jim Martin, Lynn McMillon, Terry Rush and Eddie Sharp. Registration information about the conference can be found online here