OC film among only 9 percent accepted at Austin festival

Sep 21, 2018

Oklahoma Christian University’s film program continues to receive recognition this year. The faculty- and student-produced film “The Highway” was accepted into the Austin Revolution Film Festival in Austin, Texas, where it was screened on Sept. 21.

OC’s film was one of only 150 selected out of 1,600 submissions. In fact, the industry-respected Movie Maker magazine named ARFF as one of the top-50 film festivals worth the entry fee in 2018.

Communication Instructor Dave Jurney attended the screening of “The Highway,” and he was humbled to see his students’ work honored at the festival.

“It’s inspiring to see “The Highway” continue our program’s tradition of excellence,” he said. “The film has been screened at other festivals and received three awards and 15 award nominations. In just a few years, we’ve produced five student films, and they have been accepted at 47 festivals, received 36 award nominations and won six awards.”

In addition to the films winning awards, Jurney was named a Director’s Choice Emerging Artist in 2017 at the Twister Alley Film Festival, which was also endorsed by Movie Maker magazine.

“The Highway” is about a woman and her daughter who get a flat tire and must go on the run to avoid the pursuit of a stranger who offered to help. It starred actress Marisol Vera, was directed by OC alumnus Caleb Henry and was edited by OC alumnus Nehemiah Knox. Jurney wrote and produced the script.