OC dedicates DAH remodel this week Generous donors allowed OC to expand the conference room and classroom in DAH

Oct 09, 2018

OC is blessed by generous donors every year; this year, donors gave to remodel a space where it was very much needed for the growth of the education department.

The funded remodel is located in the Davison American Heritage building, where both professors and students benefit from enhancements.

The remodel included an expansion to the already existing conference room and a classroom. It gives teachers additional room to host meetings and provides a space for larger groups, such as Eagle for a Day visitors.

Faculty enjoy the new space to serve their students and work with colleagues. Darin Martin, professor of education, appreciates the additional, larger workspace in DAH as it allows professors to use updated technology.

“With the updated technology, we can display graphics on the large TV,” Martin said. “Previously, we had no display technology in the room. Many other groups around campus will benefit from the updated conference room. Other departments and the executive committee of the Faculty Association have already had meetings in the conference room, and OC's Board plans to use the room while they’re on campus.”

The new technology will give professors a place for departmental meetings, meet-and-greets, interviews, breakfasts and work sessions. The update facilitates a better community atmosphere for faculty and students alike.

“The conference also has a bigger table, more seating, a food-service counter, refrigerator, updated lighting and ceiling tiles, new technology and most of all - windows,” Martin said.

Students benefit from improved lighting, comfortable chairs, new tables and the ability for in-class student presentations. This provides a place for students to come where they can feel comfortable while studying.

“We are blessed to have the updates and are very thankful for our donors,” Martin said.