OC Alumni Relations Gets New Leadership Phillips VP, Adair ED, Reiter AD

Sarah Horton | Jun 28, 2018

Bob Lashley poured his talents and his gifts into Oklahoma Christian for 44 years, most recently as Executive Director of Alumni Relations. This icon of campus is being followed by a man who has a heart and a passion for our university like no other. Welcome, Alan W. Phillips, newly appointed Vice President for Alumni Relations, Chris Adair as Executive Director of Alumni Outreach, and Kimberly Reiter as Assistant Director of Alumni Outreach.

"While we all will miss the presence and influence of Bob Lashley, who has meant so much to the OC family for over four decades, we are excited to name Alan Phillips to the role of Vice President of Alumni Relations. Alan has had a long and fruitful relationship with OC, and he is a friend to many in the OC family! It seems natural for Alan to fill this important role," said Kent Allen, Vice President for Advancement.

  • Alan Philips, Vice President for Alumni Relations
Alan Philips, Vice President for Alumni Relations
 Alan, the son of a preacher and missionary, grew up in Perth, Australia. He finished high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and obtained his B.S. in Business Administration at Oklahoma Christian University in 1976, losing his cool Australian accent somewhere along the way. Phillips’ life has been closely integrated with OC ever since his time as a student. He met his wife Donna (Barnes; ‘78) on campus and launched his career with the university. Their daughter Kristi graduated from OC in 2009 and is married to OC engineering faculty member Kevin Plumlee (‘05). Their two other children are current students at OC: Jason, a senior, and Anna, a junior.

“The university is in its best time! There are double the students and double the opportunities in academic programs and seeing alumni successfully impacting the world compared to when I was a student. We are a young institution with a great president and faculty who are committed to the university’s mission. It is such an exciting time to be here,” said Phillips.  

Alan established Phillips Consulting in 1994 to help faith-based nonprofit organizations. He served more than 30 nonprofits across the nation, offering executive coaching, fundraising consulting, capital campaign feasibility studies, campaign management, strategic planning, and marketing services.  Alan also served as Vice President for Missions Resource Network, Bedford, Texas.

During his gap in OC employment, Alan joined other OC alumni as founding members of OC’s North Texas Alumni Chapter. The group works to champion OC in their businesses, churches, neighborhoods, and families while strengthening their relationships with each other. Soon a Houston alumni chapter formed and both have been helpful to the university in every way. They are representatives in recruiting, fundraising, and events. When we can engage the full potential of interested alumni to be a part of telling our story, we will be a more successful, growing university.

“Our alumni are examples of what we share with prospective students. They are our product. If we have a solid product, a product of excellence, that helps us draw more students. It helps us draw the best students, resources for good facilities and programs that we wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Phillips.

Alan plans to lead the alumni department to probe the Tulsa, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas markets as potential locations to replicate the Texas alumni chapters. A successful chapter requires a critical mass of alumni with strong commitment and leadership. Soon exploration will begin to identify if these areas have enough people who desire such a strong community with a shared purpose.

Alan was awarded OC’s Business Alumnus of the Year in 1998, and re-joined the administration at Oklahoma Christian in 2012, as Vice President for Texas Operations, a role he will continue to fulfill. Alan has worked for Oklahoma Christian University for a total of 23 years. He served as an elder with the Lake Cities Church of Christ in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, before moving back to Edmond, Oklahoma in 2017. Alan and Donna have been married 41 years.  

More exciting changes have occurred in the Alumni Relations office.

  • Chris Adair, Executive Director for Alumni Outreach
Chris Adair, Executive Director for Alumni Outreach
 “I'm also pleased to name Chris Adair as Executive Director of Alumni Outreach and Kim Reiter as Assistant Executive Director of Alumni Outreach.  Both Chris and Kim have worked in the Alumni Office for a number of years and bring a great sense of dedication and commitment in building and strengthening bridges with our alums literally around the world," said Allen.

Chris Adair, a 1997 graduate, began his career in insurance and finance. He met his wife, Jennifer (Thomas ‘94), on campus and served as vice-chair of OC’s National Alumni Council. He accepted his initial role in OC’s Alumni Relations in 2011 while remaining an active member of the Edmond community as a board member for Oklahoma Christian Academy and Leadership Edmond’s steering committee at the Edmond Chamber of Commerce.

“I love learning about our alumni and growing those relationships to the benefit our current students, other graduates, and our community. OC alumni have been successful in careers, family, missions, community service, and ministry. It’s my joy and privilege to tell their stories to build pride among our constituents and strengthen our brand,” said Adair.

“Chris is one of the most well-connected and resourceful people on our campus. He is always developing relationships within industry among our alumni to open doors for our students,” said Phillips.

Chris and Jennifer have two children, twins Connor and Caton, and worship at Memorial Road Church of Christ.

  • Kim Reiter, Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Outreach
Kim Reiter, Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Outreach
 Kim Reiter, alumna and a long-time supporter of OC, graduated with a math degree in 1991. Kim grew up at Elpyco church of Christ in Wichita, KS where she met and married her husband, David. David was a dental officer in the US Navy for four years after they both graduated, which allowed for a move to California before settling in Yukon, Oklahoma. They have been married 30 years in July.

Kim taught math for three years at Oklahoma Christian Academy in Edmond where their three children attended school before she accepted a position with OC’s Campus Police. She transferred to the Alumni Relations office in 2015 and pours her heart into this campus.

“Kim is extremely conscientious. She loves this place! She is sensitive to the needs of our alumni and is very important to our ministry here,” said Phillips

Kim’s oldest son, Brayden (‘15), met his wife, Julie (Hudson ‘15) at OC, and received his graduate degree in 2016 from the university. Her other children; Seth (‘16) and Kayl, a sophomore, continue the OC tradition for the Reiter family.

“I love OC and love talking to alumni, students, and parents about OC. I enjoy making connections and helping alums feel even more pride in their alma mater. I feel blessed in seeing all of my kids at OC, finding lifelong friends, and receiving a meaningful education. I also currently serve on Staff Council. My time at OC is precious to me. I have enjoyed working alongside legend Bob Lashley, and now with Alan Phillips. We have a great team in Advancement,” said Kim.

“I’ve been a part of alumni initiatives with the university since I graduated 42 years ago. It’s fun to be in a place and time, as the university has grown, to be a part of a team of people who are enthused and can’t wait to get up every day to make contact with our alumni and help. Our definition of alum is anyone who came here for at least a semester and maybe didn’t graduate. You are a part of our family,” said Alan.