Birds with wheels, not wings, nest at OC

Feb 02, 2019

Oklahoma Christian University is consistently introducing new additions to the campus for their students. From a frozen yogurt robot to a brand new cafeteria extension, OC seeks to improve student life.

Bird, a brand of electric scooters, is the newest addition to the OC campus. Offering a unique mode of transportation, these scooters can be rented for as long as the rider wants.

Dean of Students Neil Arter responded positively to Bird scooters on campus after consulting with the OC Student Government Association.

“We started thinking about this idea in late September. Originally an SGA initiative, I was brought in on the decision making,” Arter said. “After meeting with Lime and Bird in October to discuss possible partnerships, Bird offered us scooters for our homecoming nominees to ride.”

Along with this partnership with Bird, a contract agreement with the company has allowed OC to obtain the scooters for little or no cost.

“For relatively zero cost and zero liability, Bird was a good opportunity for us,” Arter said. “Contrary to popular belief, this partnership paves the way for more profit to OC, which SGA would like to use toward repairing sidewalks and improving our campus.”

Through the company’s app that students can download on their smartphones, Birds can be started and the rider’s time is tracked. At 15 cents a minute, riders can use the scooters at an affordable price.

Bird scooters are now available to students and can be started up around the OC campus.