A day in the life of an OC student in Vienna Learn what OC students are doing while studying abroad this fall

Paige Steeley | Oct 13, 2018

Each morning, I look out my window and see the cheerful green apartments across the street and stick my head out of the frame to see the gorgeous cathedral just two blocks away. My favorite cafe with croissants like clouds is a quick traipse down a cobblestone street, and my school is across the street from a world-renowned opera house. Thanks to OC’s Study Abroad program, I have the opportunity to learn in the culture-soaked city of Vienna, Austria.

OC has offered study abroad programs since 1966 and made Vienna home to the European Studies program in 1986. Students live in Das Millicanhaus, an apartment complex owned by OC in Vienna’s ninth district, and study at the Austro-American Institute of Education in the bustling city center.

Students can explore the sprawling palaces, dozens of museums and opulent cathedrals around the city. Classes like Cross-Cultural Perspectives and German help students to absorb and appreciate the culture that surrounds them.

In addition, students take group trips to the Austrian Alps, Auschwitz and Italy. On free weekends, students are allowed to travel across Europe, with popular destinations including the U.K. and Spain.

OC’s Study Abroad program is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2019 semester. Click here to learn more information about next year’s experience.

Keep an eye on the OC blog where I’ll add updates on my time in Vienna. Maybe you’ll decide Vienna 2019 is calling to you, too.