Past Alumni Profiles

Denise McEwen

OC Class of: 1984

Occupation: Problem solver and full-time mother to a beautiful teenage daughter, Monika.

  • BA in American Studies, Oklahoma Christian College

OC Clubs/Activities:

  • Theta Theta Theta
Professional Experience: Employed with the Ketchen-Lipson family in the Boston area. Nanny for Harry Lispon and Bev Ketchen-Lipson's two children. Concurrently, I worked as a production assistant for Harry Lipson's Folktree Concertmakers, a music production company featuring singer-song writers in the folk, country and jazz genres. The venues were intimate and personable, at locations such as the Decordova Museum amphitheaters, the Berklee Performance Center, Boston Symphony Hall, Sanders Theatre, among other venues.

Biggest Challenge/Greatest Achievement:

I married the love of my life, John McEwen in 1994, and we became first-time parents to a 16 year old from Poland, in the fall of 2015.  My joy is mothering Monika and watching her grow and develop confidence in every way.

Best Advice for OC Students:

My advice to students is to stay close to God always.  Lean on him in strange times, and things eventually turn around.  Love people,  Forgive often.  Ask forgiveness, and receive it.  Love the life God gave you.  Learn from your mistakes.  Say thank you often, especially when you succeed.  Get up when you fall and learn to love where  your's the best starting place for something new.

I love OC because OC gives anyone a chance at a great education.  It's a growing experience.