Past Alumni Profiles

Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey

OC Class of: 1999

Current Residence: San Antonio, TX

Occupation: Radio Advertising, Senior Account Executive

Employer/Company: Alpha Media

Family Info: Wife: Jamie Children: Beck (age 10), Briggs (age 8), Jemma (age 5)

Professional Experience: Freshman Retention Advisor at Oklahoma Christian
Ben Bailey

Biggest Challenge/Greatest Achievement:

14 years ago I fell into a new job. I was scared, insecure and uncertain about my future and career. I surrounded myself with a loving church family and prayed that God help me make wise decisions. My wife encouraged me every step of the way and I accepted the help and advice from those around me. I dropped my ego and got to work. I have now established a thriving career in an ever changing industry and known in my city as an expert in my field. 

I collect electric guitars, enjoy bow hunting, and participate in Crossfit. I am on the school board at Trinity Christian Academy where my children attend. I am the worship leader and childrens' deacon at Mac Arthur Park Church of Christ and regional director of a business networking group in San Antonio.

Professional/Personal Goals:

Improve my overall health, increase local speaking engagements, learn a new language and teach others in business the skills I have learned.

Best Advice for OC Students:

Love God with all your heart and love ALL people. As a student it is easy to get stuck - stuck in your habits and attitude towards groups, friends, church, professors, clubs and studies. The more you help others by listening, caring, service and showing-up...the more you are blessed. This includes everyone on campus...seen and unseen...popular and unpopular...students, faculty, staff and visitors. It doesn't stop at graduation. The workforce craves people that are filled with integrity, drive and have a servant spirit. Help others daily. Develop strong listening skills, be involved in church, always keep your word and take care of business even whe you don't feel like it. Never debate others about your faith. Rather, show them love, friendship and a relationship with Jesus. Boom!