Past Alumni Profiles

Amy Bovaird

Amy Bovaird

OC Class of: 1982

Current Residence: Girard, PA

Occupation: ESL teacher for 20 years

  • Bachelor of Arts in English/Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Advanced Education
  • Master of Arts in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies in Linguistics

OC Clubs/Activities:

  • Worked on the newspaper
  • Involved in Missions
  • Part of Soundings Editorial Committee in '81
Professional Experience: I am an educator, speaker & Christian author... After graduating my first full-time job was working as a receptionist at Catholic Social Services for the Refugee Program and volunteer English teacher to refugees.

Volunteer Efforts:

I am passionate about teaching English to nonnatives, serving lunch at the City Mission, speaking at churches about how each of us has a testimony. 

Professional/Personal Goals:

I have had three inspirational memoirs published: Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith Book 1 Mobility Series (Oct 2014) - Indie Publishing Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility Book 2 Mobility Series (Nov 2016) - Ant Press Seeking Solace: Finding Joy After Loss Book 1 Devotional Series (March 2018) Indie Publishing They are available in regular and large print paperback, ebook & audio.

Best Advice for OC Students:

My best advice is to branch out of your comfort zone! Attempt new activities and definitely make new friends.