Past Alumni Profiles

Alex Gower

Alex Gower

OC Class of: 2014

Occupation: Investment Banking/Private Equity

Employer/Company: Private

Employer/Company Location: Oklahoma City

Family Info: I married my OC sweetheart from freshmen year, Andee Gower, who is now in medical school at OU in downtown Oklahoma City.

  • Mechanical Engineering
Professional Experience: Oil and gas at General Electric

Biggest Challenge/Greatest Achievement:

My biggest challenge is working for myself and creating an income.

Professional/Personal Goals:

Be the best steward of the money God allows me to control.

Best Advice for OC Students:

God gives each one of us a purpose, and we don't know exactly where we want to be when we are in school or looking for our first job. Be active in finding the purpose God has planned for you. your relationship with God and your family will grow, and you will find fulfillment in whatever you do.