The Ever-Important "Off-Menu"

The Ever-Important "Off-Menu"


In a typical year, the OC family supports more than 200 unique projects on campus. Go ahead and let that sink in.


This overwhelming generosity across departments, extracurricular programs, athletics, scholarship endowments, facilities, and more is a wonderful, wonderful thing. In fact, Oklahoma Christian wouldn’t be here today without the diverse passions and equally diverse investments of our Eagles far and wide.

In a transparent campaign like Thrive, we need to tell you the stories of these eclectic givers. But a 200+ menu just doesn’t seem manageable. So instead we’re adding this general category that captures the collective impact of our Eagles who have chosen to go “off-menu.”

Watch for updates and check out the “off-menu” giving form for a complete list of current OC projects available for your generosity!

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