Investments Assured / Projects TBD

Investments Assured / Projects TBD

We regularly work with generous, thoughtful families and companies who believe in the sum total of all things OC, and who wish to commit undesignated gifts to the University's mission overall. Later, as needs and interests come together, OC works with these donors to specify projects supported through their gifts. This happens often and, because we have a hands-on OC family and a very open effort in Thrive, you will see undesignated gifts appear on the campaign menu from time to time.

How it works and how it will appear to you:

For example, a family might pledge or give $1 million to Thrive but not specify a supported project. Since nothing has been specified, obviously these dollars will not appear on any of the menu items in Thrive. Instead that $1 million will live here in "Investments Assured / Projects TBD." As OC works with this family to clarify targeted projects, all or a portion of their gifted funds will move to the various projects selected. If the family in this example encouraged OC to use $250,000 of their gift for the Campus Cafe Reboot, you would see this category drop by $250,000 and the Campus Cafe Reboot item go up by an equal amount.

You can think of this spot as a temporary holding tank for these special gifts, which grant OC and our donors flexibility in directing funds to the most crucial and momentum-building needs as they arise.

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