Thrive Complete

With more than $33.9M given in 36 months, the Thrive Campaign was successfully completed on May 31, 2017!

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Thrive: The Complete Campaign

3 Years. $30 million. 30+ fast-impact projects.

For 64 years we've been equipping minds, swelling hearts, and filling souls. It hasn't always been easy. Thousands have sacrificed. Thousands have sweat. Thousands have prayed. And a God bigger than us all has shaped the OC story and our OC home in incredible ways.

Today, as higher education changes, as the economy ebbs and flows, and as culture and time march dizzyingly ahead... We stand. Unafraid of the next new challenge. Unflinching in our Christian heritage and mission. Unchained in our pursuit of educational innovation.

Because we're movers. We're doers. We're change-makers and status-quo-breakers. And this is not our season to survive.

Today we Thrive.

Why Thrive is a different breed.

Most university campaigns are long-term, very-high-dollar, endowment-heavy engagement efforts--managed in secret for years, until the timing and resources are right to announce momentum to the public. This has proven to be an effective campaign model for decades across higher education. But higher education is rapidly changing, and so are the needs and desires of our university family.

As paradigms rapidly shift, Oklahoma Christian needs to stay agile--ready to thoughtfully and swiftly act based on new market realities and student needs. Moreover, as our OC family rightfully asks for more regular, transparent information on what OC is doing and why it matters, it's time to do the traditional "comprehensive" campaign a little differently.

Thrive begins June 1, 2014. No silent phase. This campaign is public from start to finish. Our goal: to raise $30 million to achieve approximately 30 near-term, high-impact, strategically relevant projects by May 31, 2017. And our commitment to you is that Thrive will continue to be...

  • Student Focused: Thrive is intended to be student-centric, emphasizing building projects and programmatic efforts that quickly and directly impact the living/learning experience and spiritual environment at OC.
  • Fast Paced: Thrive is unique in that a majority of resources will be going to start-up capital rather than endowment. Funded efforts will launch rapidly and at levels of funding that would be delayed or unachievable in a traditional slow-growth endowment model.
  • Momentum Building: Thrive is also unique in that projects are market-driven. Thrive projects will produce revenue or enhance revenue-producing spheres on campus, leading to greater sustainability long-term.
  • Openly Communicated: A central goal of Thrive is to honestly engage the OC family (you!) in important campus efforts. Our community will be kept apprised of campaign progress, project completion, and ongoing results on a regular basis. Transparency in purpose and progress will be our objective. Hold us accountable and spread the word!

Why we call it the "complete" campaign.

“Complete” is a play on the typical “comprehensive” campaign language. Since one of our goals with Thrive is to openly engage and finish out specific projects, we will be regularly and publicly moving efforts from being “in progress” to “complete.” The tagline has a dual meaning, then: (1) Thrive is campus-wide and comprehensive in its strategic focus, and (2) Thrive is all about getting things done.

There will certainly be other campaigns and other important projects for Oklahoma Christian. But the open, get-things-done approach (the “complete” approach) is our new operational standard. We hope you like it.

Why it's about startup capital rather than endowment.

Endowment is an incredible blessing, but endowment is also slow. To be proactive with our spiritual, academic, and community strategies in a time of rapid cultural change, we have elected to invest in startup capital first and endowment second. Programmatic efforts will begin almost immediately and at levels impossible in the early years of traditional endowments.

All new and expanded efforts are expected to become student-generating, graduate-building, revenue-producing spheres on campus. As programs produce, those programs will see revenues reinvested in their efforts. Likewise, as academic strategies are firmed up and long-term successes become more assured, the University will begin pursuing permanent endowed funds for those efforts.

To help us Thrive, we need you IN.

  • Inform: Commit the Thrive philosophy to heart and tell the OC story everywhere that you go. Learn about our students and brag on them when the opportunity is right. Positively intercede when questions and concerns arise about Oklahoma Christian. Wear Eagle gear. Make your experience with OC part of your personal story in all appropriate contexts. Be an OC ambassador.

  • Invite: Consider who could be a valuable partner for OC in this campaign. Connect our leadership and fundraisers with those people and companies that could drive important change within Thrive.

  • Invest: Thrive's success depends on the intellectual, spiritual, and monetary investment of our OC family. Please prayerfully consider how your passions can align with the work in this campaign and how you can stretch to invest in the fast-impact, Kingdom-building projects happening at our University.

  • Imagine: Submit an Idea