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Sarah McFarland

Sarah Eleanor (Parker) McFarland was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up living in Kansas City, Kansas. Sarah is the the youngest of four children. Her parents divorced when she was 15 years old. Sarah’s two brothers were in World War II and she was fearful until they returned home safely. Sarah attended the 39th and Floral church of Christ is Kansas City, Missouri, where she was baptized at the age of 11. As a teenager Sarah was a member of the Twin City church of Christ in Kansas City, Kansas.

Sarah went to ACC for one year (1948). In 1950 Central Christian College opened in Bartlesville and Sarah was one of the first year students. As it happened the love of her life was also one of the first students. Sarah married Bud McFarland on March 1, 1952. Bud and Sarah have four children - two girls and two boys; 12 grandchildren; and 14 great grandchildren (they don’t stand still long enough for her to get an accurate count!). Sarah received an Associate Degree from Central Christian College in 1952 and all four of her children attended OC.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys doing needlework. Sarah has lived in three different countries overseas for a total of 12 years - Indonesia, Philippines, and Pakistan.

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