Our History

In 1955, Dr. James O. Baird, then president of Central Christian College, met in Tulsa with a group of ladies to encourage them to become involved in the needs of Christian education in Oklahoma. This group organized to become one of the very first women's support organizations among the Christian colleges. The Central Christian College group adopted the name Stepping Stones.

In 1958 the college moved to Oklahoma City, became Oklahoma Christian College and organized a first women's group in Oklahoma City. From that beginning OCWA has spread throughout Oklahoma and into North Texas and Kansas.

Now known as the Oklahoma Christian Women's Association, this group of dedicated women is still growing and still working diligently to assist in the advancement of Christian education at Oklahoma Christian.

Our Goal

Although all of the women involved with Oklahoma Christian Women's Association work for a common purpose and a common goal, each local chapter is an independent, autonomous organization. Each organization is developed from individuals who are interested in working together to help financially as well as to promote good will for Oklahoma Christian University.