Orientation Programs

The Oklahoma Christian University Freshmen Experience team has partnered with departments across campus to create two unique orientation programs for new students. Take care of business at Take Flight (OC’s one-day new student orientation) and start your first year off right at Earn Your Wings (a five-day immersion into the culture of Oklahoma Christian University planned and led by current students with help from the Freshmen Experience team).

Both programs are required for new freshmen. Transfer students should attend Take Flight and are strongly encouraged to attend Earn Your Wings.

See the links on the right for more information about each event. Registering for Take Flight also holds your spot for Earn Your Wings.

Take Flight (for students and parents)

  • Friday, May 1
  • Friday, June 26
  • Monday, July 13*
  • Tuesday, August 25*

*The July & August sessions are for students who can not make it to campus for a full Take Flight in May and June. The schedule is abbreviated on these two days to allow students to take care of only the most essential pre-OC tasks. Students attending in July or August will participate in a come and go event where they can confirm fall course schedules, change and update schedules, finalize financial aid and payment plans, register their cars on campus, take their student ID photo, see the residence halls, and more. Offices across campus are also open for last minute to-do’s from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students attending in July & August will not participate in the following sessions that take place in May & June:

  • From the Way I See It” a session with Dean of Students, Neil Arter.
  • Meet Your Department” an introduction to your life as a {insert your field of study} major led by the Chair of your academic department. 
  • Parent Orientation” a session on surviving your first year as the parent of a college student led by Liz McElroy, Director of the OC Parent Association.
  • Ethos Orientation” an introductory session led by OC’s Spiritual Life team on our unique spiritual development program, Ethos.

Students who attend in July or August can request information on any of the sessions above by contacting Amy Roberts, Director of Freshmen Experience, at amy.roberts@oc.edu.

Earn Your Wings (for students only)

Tuesday through Saturday, August 25-29

Starting college can be scary. Even the most excited new freshmen experience anxiety from time to time when they think about this huge transition. Earn Your Wings is a five-day immersion into the culture of Oklahoma Christian University planned and led by current students (with help from the Freshmen Experience team) designed to help you get to know: each other, some of our finest students, the OC campus, and some of our favorite student traditions. Students are also equipped with several tools to help them transition to the world of college academics. Earn Your Wings is where you develop the confidence (and wings!) you need to fly through your first semester of college.

The Earn Your Wings experience is customized for each new freshmen class. In an effort to deliver a fun, informative, and relevant experience, the EYW schedule will be in the works right up until you arrive on campus in August. But don’t worry, you’ll be guided every step of the way by Earn Your Wings staff.

Payment of your of $250 enrollment deposit automatically registers you for both Take Flight & Earn Your Wings. An enrollment deposit and attendance at Take Flight are required for new freshmen and transfer students. To pay your deposit and sign up for Take Flight/Earn Your Wings, click on the link below and login with the username and password you created when you applied for admission. The enrollment deposit pays for ALL Take Flight and Earn Your Wings activities.