CLEP Testing

Students who have had sufficient experience, training or study in a subject area may apply to take College Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject exams produced by the College Entrance Examination Board in order to receive academic credit. CLEP exams are offered on an individual appointment basis with our testing office located in the Beam Library. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office at (405) 425-5921 or you may email us at

See the listing at the end of the following guidelines for CLEP exams offered and courses for which credit may be obtained. Scores noted below are subject to change and are for undergraduate students only. If necessary, a student may take the CLEP exams after the semester begins if the student meets the Credit by Examination Policies.

CLEP Guidelines and Policies:

1. Only students who are enrolled at Oklahoma Christian University or who have been accepted for admission by the university may receive credit by CLEP examination from OC.

2. Students may not attempt credit by examination for courses which they have audited or in which they are, or have been, enrolled and in which they have attended classes past the first week at Oklahoma Christian or any other university.

3. Students may attempt to receive credit by CLEP examination once every 3 months for each course.

4. Except where specifically provided for by a program, credit by examination may not be given in a course sequentially lower in the department or a prerequisite to a course for which a student has received credit.

5. Registration and payment for all CLEP exams must be completed through College Board. All payments for the CLEP exams are non-refundable. There is an additional fee of $30 for test administration that can be paid to OC prior to the day of the exam or paid electronically using our online form. (If a student is taking the College Composition Modular that there is also a grading fee of $25.) Payments made at OC for this fee may be made in cash or by check. Charges may not be added to the student's school account. To register for the CLEP exam or to receive more information regarding the exams, please visit: 

6. Students must present a photo ID for testing. Acceptable forms of ID include Drivers license, Military ID, Passport, US Gov't issued ID or University ID.

CLEP Tests Offered:

College Mathematics (MATH-1143 Elements of Mathematics I) 62
Humanities (FINE-2913 Perspectives in Fine Arts) 56
Financial Accounting (ACCT-2113 Accounting Principles I) 65
American Government (POLS-2113 Intro to American Politics) 63

***the American Government test plus the Macroeconomics credit will qualify for POLS-1213 American Political Economy

History of the US I (HIST-2213 History of the US to 1877 or HIST-1223 Turning Points in US History) 56
History of the US II (HIST-2223 History of the US since 1877 or HIST-1223 Turning Points in US History) 57
College Algebra (MATH-1213 College Algebra) 63
Calculus (MATH-2114 Calculus with Analytical Geometry) 64
Biology (BIOL-2013 General Biology) 57
Chemistry (CHEM-1115 General Chemistry I) 65
Information Systems/Computer Applications (INFO-2113 Introduction to Computers in Business) 59
Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON-2113 Macroeconomic Principles) 62
Principles of Microeconomics (ECON-2213 Microeconomic Principles) 64
Introduction to Psychology (PSYC-1113 Perspectives in Psychology) 59
Introduction to Sociology (SOCI-1113 Perspectives in Sociology) 59
Western Civilization I Near East-1648 (HIST-2923 Topics in Western Civilization) 57
Western Civilization II 1648-Post WWII (HIST-2923 Topics in Western Civilization) 56
Pre-Calculus (Math 1213 College Algebra and Math 1522 Trigonometry) 61

College Composition Modular (ENGL-1113 English Comp I)

Please note: College Composition Modular must be taken at Oklahoma Christian University. Test administration fees for College Composition Modular are $55.


No CLEP tests will be accepted for upper division business courses.