Health Insurance – As an international student, you are required to have American health insurance. The university provides a mandatory option for you in which you must enroll. The company providing the student health insurance is United Health Care and the costs are:

Annual- (8/1/16-7/31/17) $1446.00

Fall - (8/1/16-12/31/16) $618.00

Spring/Summer - (1/1/17-7/31/17) $828.00

Summer - (5/1/17-7/31/17) $402.00

Note: All international students (both grad and undergrad) are required to have OC insurance.  There are no exceptions.

For more details about the insurance plan click below.

Insurance Plan

If you have questions about the insurance policy detail you can contact Kelley Hinkle at

Immunizations – You are required to submit a record of immunizations that you have received. You will enter that information on myOC at the Insurance and Immunization page. You will need this information completed before school begins. If you need additional vaccinations in order to meet American health standards, you may schedule an appointment with the Oklahoma County Health Department or our Mercy Clinic on campus.

Dealing with Illness – If you get sick, there are several medications you can buy at the grocery store. If you are unsure of what medicine you need, ask a fellow student or someone from the Office of International Programs. If you are really sick, then you may need to go to the doctor. If you have a medical issue, or an issue with your eyes or teeth, contact Jacob Shuart at the Office of International Programs. He will direct you to the appropriate method of receiving treatment.