Campus Mail – Each of you has been assigned a student mailbox. If you live in the dorms, your mailbox is located in the Student Center. If you live in the apartments, your mailbox is located in the Nowlin Center. You can find your mailbox number and combination number on myOC. OC has two addresses—one is the physical address and should be used whenever you are having packages sent to you (i.e. Amazon, eBay, from home). The other address is OC’s mailing address and should be used when you are having letters or smaller mail sent to you. Always include your student box number when registering for something (such as a bank card or a cell phone) so that the post office can send it directly to you.

            Packages                                                       Letters

           Your Name                                                    Your Name

Oklahoma Christian University                   Oklahoma Christian University

        Student Box #???                                         Student Box #???

     2501 E. Memorial Rd.                                      PO Box 11000

      Edmond, OK 73013                                Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Email – Since OC is a completely wireless campus, most professors will use email to communicate with you. You should check your OC email several times a day. If a professor ever needs to cancel a class, they will see you an email. If you ever have a question about an assignment, your professor will be easiest to contact through email. Other campus offices will send you emails telling you about important information or something you need to do in order to remain in good standing. It is your responsibility to respond to these emails and take care of the requirement as soon as possible. Your OC email is:

Cell Phone Plans – Most American students have a cell phone. There are many different companies that offer plans, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, & T-Mobile. There are also several different types of phones. Some plans require you to sign a two year contract that will include a nice phone at a reduced price. Many international students sign up for plans together to get a cheaper rate. There are also companies that offer plans with no contract. These plans are typically cheaper, but the phones may be more expensive. These plans are usually the best for international students. Many of our students either have a smart phone or purchase one when they arrive. Then, they sign up for a $30 per month plan @ T-Mobile.

Cell Phone Apps – There are many apps on smart phones that are helpful to students. A popular free app is “Viber”—it allows you to call, text, and send videos and pictures over the internet. This will allow you to communicate with friends back home for free (as long as you both have the app and internet). OC has an app that allows you to check your class schedule, grades, campus map, and even laundry. For questions about helpful apps, ask the staff at Support Central on campus.

Skype – This program allows you to make calls and video chat with your friends and family. You can download it on your computer or phone free of charge at Skyping with friends in America is free. Skyping internationally costs a small fee. This is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most popular forms of communication for international students.

Internet Scams – Sometimes you will receive emails from people asking for money or important information about you. If you do not recognize the name of the sender, then the email is probably a scam. Delete the email and do not reply. If you ever need help trying to figure out if an email is a scam, email your question to and they will assist you. Sometimes you will also receive emails asking for your email password. The email might even look like it is from OC, but it is not. OC will NEVER ask you for your password in an email, so do not share that information with anyone.

Online Posting – Most American students use social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) on a regular basis. Feel free to create an account for these sites to connect with your friends. These are the places that communication happens most on campus (outside of your email account). Be cautious when you are posting things. Anything you say on the internet can be found and will probably be impossible to completely delete. Your digital footprint can affect future job opportunities and get you into trouble, so be careful of what you post.

Campus Transportation – OC is a fairly small campus. All of the classrooms and buildings are within reasonable walking distance. However, many students choose to ride their bikes around campus. You may purchase a bike if you wish, but you must register it with the campus police. You can also choose to sign up for OC’s “Rent-a-Bike” program. This allows you to check out a bike for a day at a time, free of charge. This can be done in the student bookstore.

Local Transportation – The city of Edmond has a brand new public transportation system. The buses run to many popular locations, including the grocery store and the mall. You will be required to pay a small fee each time you ride. You may pick up a map of routes and more information in our office, beginning the first week of school. Refer to the provided map for times, locations, and bus stops. If you need a ride somewhere and are unable to get a ride, you can always call a taxi. Edmond Taxi Co. is a popular choice, and you can contact them at 405.330.0707 any time of day.

Regional Transportation – if you wish to visit another state while in America, there are several transportation options available. Many students take a Greyhound bus to different cities like Chicago, Memphis, etc. for an affordable price. Oklahoma City also has an Amtrak train station that can take you to several destinations fairly quickly, including Dallas. Another option is traveling by plane (although this method of transportation can be expensive). However, there are several websites, like, that offer cheap options.

Driver’s License – Several international students choose to get an Oklahoma driver’s license while they are here. In order to do this, you must pass both a written and a driving exam. You will receive an email with more information about this process during your first month of school. Feel free to find additional information by either asking other international students here who have their license or by clicking here.