Our Mission


The Language and Culture Institute (LCI) provides high quality instruction in English as a second language (ESL) and orientation in U.S. culture to international students who are nonnative speakers of English. At LCI we provide quality English language instruction with care and respect for our students' cultural heritage in a comfortable, fun, and safe learning environment. We inspire learning and the achievement of excellence in all of our students, staff, and faculty though innovative and well-informed methods of instruction. Ultimately, LCI assists in the pursuit of our students' personal, academic, and professional goals.


LCI faculty and staff are highly-trained professionals. Many hold or are pursuing advanced degrees in linguistics or TEFL, and all have lived or taught in a variety of countries outside the United States. All have studied a second language for themselves and, therefore, understand the difficulties faced by second-language learners in their classrooms. 

While instructors at LCI may utilize a variety of different approaches to teaching, the communicative approach with content-based syllabi still dominates our philosophy. The communicative approach is based on the idea that people learn languages primarily because they want to communicate with others. As such, we seek to increase our students’ ability to produce English that is adequate for academic situations.


Office of International Programs
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