Lj Littlejohn, Director

office: 405.425.5482Lj holds a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia (2007) and a Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma Christian University (1998). Lj has been teaching English as a second language in America and Japan for 12 years.

e-mail: lj.littlejohn@oc.edu

Lj Littlejohn

Angi Lovejoy, ESL Instructor

Angi Lovejoy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Writing from Oklahoma Christian University. She loves learning about other cultures, having traveled widely.  She worked in educational publishing for 15 years, and has taught the English language for four years in Japan and the U.S.

office: 405.425.5492

e-mail: angi.lovejoy@oc.edu


Rebecca Lange, ESL Instructor

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism-Public Relations from the University of Central Oklahoma. A lifelong communicator, she enjoys sharing her love of learning and language with others. She has worked in educational research for six years and as an ESL instructor for two years.

office: 405.425.5492

e-mail: rebecca.lange@oc.edu

Hiroka Kajiyama, ESL Instructor

Hiroka holds a Master of Education in bilingual education/TESL from University of Central Oklahoma (2009) and a Master of Business Administration in international trade from Oklahoma Christian University (2012). She has been teaching at OC for four years.

office: 405.425.5492

e-mail: hiroka.kajiyama@oc.edu

Blerta Meta, ESL Instructor

Blerta holds a Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Tirana, Albania. She enjoys cross-cultural communication and has been teaching English for more than six years.

office: 405.425.5492



Greg Gillham, International Admission Counselor

Greg holds a Master of Science in Ministry (1994) and a Master of Divinity (1997) from Pepperdine University. Greg has seven years of teaching experience in both America and Japan. Greg works closely with OC's international students to make sure they meet and maintain admission requirements.

office: 405.425.5478

e-mail: greg.gillham@oc.edu


Ping Wang, International Admission Counselor

Ping holds a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Xi'an Jiaotong University (2004), a Master of Business Administration from Harding University (2007), and a Bachelor of Arts from Henan Normal University. Ping has nine years of teaching experience.

office: 405.425.5487

e-mail: ping.wang@oc.edu 


Kelsey Herndon, International Admission Counselor

Kelsey holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Oklahoma Christian University (1997). Kelsey lived in Japan for two years teaching English. Kelsey also worked for an international mission, NPO, which took him to countless countries for nine years before joining OC in 2009.

office: 405.425.5474

e-mail: kelsey.herndon@oc.edu

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