Student Teaching

STUDENT TEACHING APPLICATION- Please read the following and then fill out the online application using the link below. 



All student teachers will be required to complete teaching assignments in two different schools, and will be required to change in some way the type of assignments at the schools (i.e.: grade level, open or traditional, ethnic background of students). It is a state requirement that student teachers be placed in a diverse setting. We recommend that the demographics of the sites be as diverse as possible. We also advise student teachers not to request two schools in the same school system. Exposure during student teaching to students with different backgrounds, different educational philosophies, and different styles of teaching will greatly benefit the student teacher. Working in two different school systems will also be to the advantage of those seeking teaching positions as it will provide prospective teachers with the additional benefit of having more contacts and greater networking possibilities. It is also advantageous to have extensive multicultural experience in teaching.

All student teaching sites MUST be in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. There are NO exceptions to this.

Prospective student teachers should be aware that the Director of Student Teaching cannot guarantee placement at the teaching sites requested in the application. An attempt will be made to honor all requests; but this is not always possible. Sometimes circumstances dictate that the Director of Student Teaching make decisions about placement without contacting the student teacher. If the first choice cannot be granted, an effort will be made to use the second choice or for placement to be made in a situation similar to the one requested. Student teachers may request a particular teacher with whom to work, if desired, but they SHOULD NOT request an individual with whom there exists a close personal relationship (i.e.: relative, relative of spouse, close friends, etc.) or one who has taught less than three years. Student teachers should not make arrangements with individual cooperating teachers for placement. If a student teacher has no preference for a particular site, that portion of the form should be left blank. There will be an opportunity to discuss placement options with the Director of Student Teaching when the application process has been completed.

Assignments will not be changed after requests have been made of the schools.

Special Note - Instrumental and Vocal Music Majors
One of your student teaching experiences must be in an elementary school, while the other will be in a middle or high school.


Due to an Oklahoma requirement, all Elementary and Early Childhood Education majors must pass the State Reading Test in order to be admitted to Student Teaching. You will be notified at a future date where and when the exam will be given.


As part of the application process, students are required to participate in an interview. Student teaching applicants will be able to sign up via a Google doc that Dr. Cassady wills ent out to all applicants. 

Apply online HERE