Admission to Teacher Education


1) 45 semester hours of credit

2) Completion of EDUC 3121, Orientation to Teacher Education, and EDUC 3122, The School in the American Culture, with a “C” or better (must have a GPA of 2.65 to enroll)

3) Cumulative grade point average of 2.75 

4) Recommendation of major department

5) Recommendation of Student Life Office

6) Satisfactory completion of the Teacher Education Writing Evaluation

8) Grade of "C" or better in COMM 1213, Communication II: Oral Communication, or equivalent

9) Recommendation of Teacher Education Interview Committee

10) A written paper and oral presentation of the candidate’s reasons for wanting to enter the profession, presented to the Teacher Education Interview Committee

11) One character reference

12) Successful completion of OGET (required in program), or 3.0 GPA in 20 hours selected Liberal Arts courses

13) Satisfactory portfolio review

14) Documentation of successful work with children in age level matching that of certification sought (P-3, 1-8, 6-12, P-12)

15) Approval of Teacher Education Council