Achieve Program Details
Achieve Level I is a comprehensive, fee based program.  The Level I program is for students who have a diagnosed learning difference and/or attention disorder.  This program includes the following:
  • Weekly meetings with a certified Academic Life Coach
  • Weekly meetings with a peer Learning Assistant
  • Additional tutoring opportunities
Level I Cost: $1800 per semester or $3200 per academic year
Achieve Level II is for students who don't have a diagnosis and/or may not need the additional coaching, but includes the following:
  • 1.5 hours per week with a peer Learning Assistant in a similar major. The Achieve Student, Learning Assistant and Academic Life Coach will have an initial meeting to develop a customized success plan. (For example: Does he/she need help with organization, time management, keeping track of assignments or general tutoring?)  
  • 3 week progress checks with Academic Life Coach
  • The Achieve Student will also have the option to enroll in the Success Strategies Bridge class 
Level II Cost: $800 per semester or $1500 for the whole academic year

For more information or to apply, contact Amy Janzen, Director for Student Success through email or by phone 405.425.5907.