Second Major in Vocational Ministry


This second major is designed specifically for people planning careers in non-religious fields such as teaching, engineering, medicine, law, business, sciences, communication, or fine arts, but who desire a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and ministry in order to strengthen the cause of Christ wherever they live and work.

An OC graduate with any degree and second major in vocational ministry will:

  1. Demonstrate a broader understanding of the Scriptures.
  2. Demonstrate methodologies and critical thinking skills designed to improve ministries and solve problems on the field.
  3. Choose, practice, and enhance his or her profession from a Kingdom perspective. 

34 hours taken only as a second major

34 hours from the College of Biblical Studies 

A. Must include 17 hours minimum of textual courses 

B. Must include 17 hours minimum of upper division courses 

Core curriculum courses in Bible may be counted in these totals. 

The following five courses are recommended, but not required: 

  • BIBL-3003 - Vocational Ministry
  • BIBL-3823 - Counseling for Ministers
  • BIBL-3913 - Homiletics I: Preparation & Delivery of Religious Speeches
  • MISS-3013 - Mission Preparation
  • BIBL-2512 - Personal Evangelism

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  • Minister
  • Missionary
  • Children's Minister
  • Youth Minister
  • Teacher
  • University Professor

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